Preserve Pachaippan Reserve
Preserve Pachaippan Reserve

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Tree walk
Tree walk Tree walk

ExNoRa International & Association of Teachers
Pachaiyappan ExNoRa

An Oxygen Factory made as a Lethal Chamber

“Preserve Pachaippan Reserve”

“பச்சையப்பனைப் பாதுகாப்போம்
பசுமையைப் பாதுகாப்போம்”

Campaign Coordinators

Exn. Dr. M.B.Nirmal

Founder, ExNoRa International

Dr. V.M.M.R.Aandavar

Chairman, AUT

People often indulge in generating inconsequential debates like “is Death sentence legitimate? In that case will a poisonous injection do or do we need a hanging?” These people do not know that there is a much simpler way available. We got a park in the name of “King of roses Jawaharlal Nehru” in Kilpauk . If we keep the culprit in hands and legs tied position at about 6 a.m in a place opposite to this park and come back at 6 p.m ,we can dispose the corpse immediately. REASON : According to the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board,, the area between Kilpauk and Chetput is the unique place in Chennai affected by maximum volume of air pollution, smoke pollution and dust pollution.


  • In the guise of widening the roads the majestic and grand old trees planted by the British in the PH Road have been chopped off.

  • Two of the oldest parks in Chennai are Nehru park in Kilpauk and Park in shenoy Nagar. The full range of beautiful gardens in both these places have been cut off and shaved off.( the heart breaking news is that the Chennai corporation has only last year spent Rs.15 lakhs for the development of these two parks)

In this context, we are reminded of Cartoonist R.K.Lakshman’s cartoon in the Times Of India some thirty years back.

A Minister’s Car is standing in front of a slum Minister:

“why don’t we construct a park in the place of this slum?” Secretary to Minister :” Minister should pardon me , sir. This is the park that you inaugurated last year” .


The fun is that nowhere in the world, parks are destroyed to pave the way for Railway stations. There are three railway stations in the world’s biggest “HYDE PARK” in London. BUT, they are situated beneath the ground! Both the station and the Park survive without killing the other. Foreign countries do plan but without spoiling the Environment.

OXYGEN FACTORY being made as Lethal Chamber
There is place in Poonamallee High road called “The Oasis in the Desert”. It has been the “LUNG SPACE” of this area. This is also a Social Forest. This is nothing but the Pachaiyappa’s College campus with its sprawling green lush gardens. This campus consists of more than 300 trees and plants of rare species planted by Teachers and Intellectuals and some of the trees are century old.

2. The health of the residents of Kilpauk, Chetput, Aminjikarai, Shenoy nagar, Anna Nagar and Harrington road will be affected
These plants generate 50 tonnes of oxygen every day and safeguard the health of people living around. But the hanging rope has arrived now. These trees are to be cut off soon. Why? For the construction of a Railway Station. As a consequence of this areas like Kilpauk, Chetput, Aminjikarai, Shenoy nagar, Anna Nagar and Harrington road will have a low-quality air which will result in the increase of diseases. In particular the bronchial disorders will be severe. Even occurrence of blood cancer cannot be ruled out.

3. Disgusting news for the Champions of HERITAGE AND TRADITION :
This will be a shock for all those lovers of heritage. The Pachaiyappa’s College buildings are recognized as heritage monuments. It is declared as a symbol of Legacy by Historians and the Archeological Survey of India(Tamilnadu Wing). This has been endorsed by the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority.

4. Bad news for Pachaiyappa’s students

The Pachaiyappa Mudaliar Trust was instituted by the great Philanthropist Pachaiyappa Mudaliar and preserved by Bowney Narayanaswamy Pillai. This is the unique Trust in the world which has donated lavishly for the welfare and maintenance of Temples all over the World. The Pachiyappa’s college, fondly known as “ The Mother of Madras University” was started in 1842 by Lord Nortan and has been providing quality education to the poor and the needy. One of the familiar Institutions under the Pachaiyappa’s Trust, this College remains even today as a heaven for the poor students.

1. The Chellammal college for Women, Guindy 2. C. Kandaswamy Naidu College, Anna nagar 3. Pachaiyappa’s College for Men, Kancheepuram 4.Pachaiyappa’s college for Women, Kancheepuram 5. C. kandaswamy Naidu College for Women, Cuddalore and several Schools are also run by this Trust.

Unfortunately, Politicians who entered the Pachaiyappan Trust in the name of Trustees under the guide of serving the cause of EDUCATION l, have swindled a major portion of the Trust property. The Pachaiyappa’s Trust Property has been a perennial source of income for many of the Trustees.

College that is now part of the history and that produced many who found their name in the History.
Pachaiyappa’s College is the Second oldest College of India. It has already completed 169 years of glorious service and produced numerous celebrities like Union Ministers, State Chief Ministers, Ministers, Members of Parliament, Members of Legislatures, Legislative Speakers, vice Chancellors, IAS and IPS officers, Poets, Writers, Members from the Cine-field and eminent Sports personalities. Much before the Indian Independence, this College had the distinction of appointing an Indian as its Principal way back in 1914..

The college that produced four Chief Ministers
The founder of the Dravidian Movement and former chief Mininister of Tamilnadu Perarignar Anna and former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr.Brahmananda Reddy are some of the prominent students of tis college. This college has the rare distinction of having produced four Chief Ministers of South India.

Pachaiyappa’s is a de facto University
Pachaiyappa’s college has 12 Departments and has got facilities to undergo Post graduation and Research. Apart from this the college also has facilities to pursue Degree Courses and M.Phil Programmes. This Institution also has an Evening College which has already produced many great personalities.

Our ancestors planted trees for our welfare .Those who should enjoy the fruits of the trees are cutting them
Like the termites which can eat a tree ,vested interests have been eating the lands & properties of Pachaiyappa’s .It has been a sordid story of how this Institution has been consistently losing over a period of time for a variety of reasons. A considerable amount of land at the north side was procured for widening of Poonamallee high road and a good portion of land at the west was abducted for widening the Harrington road. On the south, a large piece of land was acquired by the Southern Railway to construct a Subway in between chetpet and Nungambakkam Stations. Most important is it is not just widening . Hundreds of trees in this lungs space also were felled down .

The College offers 4 levels of education . But its lands are encroached in all 4 directions
We have already mentioned about the four levels of education in this Institution. The Higher Education of this College is conducted subject to the legal provisions of UGC and implemented by the Government of Tamilnadu. As per the Govt. norms an Institution of Higher Education should have a minimum of 50 acres of land. But the government has been consistently taking lands from this campus. What remains now is only 30 acres of land. In this situation the CMRL has planned to acquire 3.2 acres of this college land for construction of a METRO RAIL STATION THERE. This will also facilitate the befalling of 300 rich varieties of trees. The Directorate of collegiate Education has issued an order in this regard.

5. Sad news for the Institution , Pachaiyappa’s College How the tree butchers action will result loss to the 2nd oldest college of the Nation?
If 3.2 acres of land is acquired, It will lead to the

  • Abolition of several courses.

  • Many lecturers may have to forego their jobs.

  • The availability of a railway station within the campus will affect the educational scenario.

  • Apart from this, there is a possibility of altercations between the passengers and the students.

  • On the whole, the higher education setup of this college will be severely affected.

  • There is no problem in having the rail lines beneath this campus. But the construction of a railway station cannot be accepted.

The fun is that at 1 km distance in the east of the college at Kilpauk and at 1 km distance the west of the college at Shenoy Nagar park, there are going to be two stations. The work has already been started to construct railway stations. In between two stations so near to each other, is it necessary to construct another one by destroying a major institution?


6. Dishonour to great men
The trees here stand in memory of our ancestors, retired professors and intellectuals. Moreover people from Chetput and Kilpauk go for walk only in this campus.

7. Poor students will become still poorer
The poor students of this college study mostly under these trees without proper houses and living in huts. Their education will suffer

8. Walkers will suffer
Hundreds of residents of west Chennai walk here. They will lose the place and the pleasure of walking beneath trees. (Already those who were walking in the neighboring Nehru Park & Thir Vi Ka Park come to Pachaiyapppa’s as their parks have already been destroyed

9. Felling of Trees will accelerate GLOBAL WARMING: We have now entered the AGE of Global Warming.
Around the world, trees are chopped off for one reason or other. Forests are being eliminated in the guise of expanding the cities. Now the green lush Pachaiyappan forest, the social forest, the people’s forest has been earmarked for total RUIN. Should we not stop this ? Should we not protect the greenery? Should we not prevent the great danger towards the education of Pachaiyappa’s Students ?

The teachers always motivate the students to plant trees. Will not felling trees become a demotivator for teachers & students .

Here we have started a great environmental movement christened it as

“Preserve Pachaiyapan Reserve”.

We invite people all over the world falling under the various categories listed below to join this movement.

  • Teachers, students & non-teaching staff of the present and the past belonging to Pachaiyappa’s college.

  • Persons who studied in this college and excelled themselves in the fields of Politics, Business, Government, Arts, Sports, etc.,

  • The representatives of environmental organizations all over the world.

  • The residents of Kilpauk, Kilpauk Garden, Chetpet, Aminjikarai, Shenoy Nagar and Anna Nagar (these people will be affected by the Air pollution).

  • The poor and the downtrodden (because Pachaiyappa’s College is the only place where these people can send their children for education).

  • Tamil intellectuals,, Scholars Language lovers and those who inhale Tamil (because Pachaiyappa’s college has totally involved itself in the cause of Tamil language and Tamilians).

  • Last but not least, All the political parties, irrespective of their ideologies must Participate in this moment because Pachaiyappa’s college is where most of the Politicians came from.

    The “Preserve Pachaiyappan Reserve” Movement initiated by The old student of Pachaiyappa’s college, the founder of Exnora Internaional, world known Environmentalist Dr.M.B.Nirmal (, 98400 34900 ) and The chairman of Association of University Teachers (AUT), Pachaiyappa’s College unit Dr.V.M.M.R.Andavar (, 94444 51750 ).



1. Vriksha Raksha Bhandan: 12th September, 2011, 2.30pm
Ladies, to show their emotional bondage used to tie rakhie around the wrist of their brothers. Similar to this, the students of Pachaiyappa’s college, will treat the 300 plus trees in their campus, as their own brothers and will tie rakhie ropes around these trees. This will be done to highlight the importance of preserving these trees.

2. Tree walk: 28th September, 2011, 11.30am
The lecturers belonging to the Botany and other departments, use till date, the numerous varieties of trees in this campus for their teaching. Teachers from the Botany departments of all city colleges are going to stage a tree walk in this campus and in this occasion, the will explain about the usefulness and importance of each tree and will demonstrate how these trees preserve the environment.

3. The CHIPKO (Embracing the trees)
Those days, we learn that, a king in Rajasthan, tried to destroy the forest. The people living around the forest, who love the forest like anything, protested against this. When the king continued with his act, these people came, embraced all the trees and shouted, “You first kill us, then think of killing the trees”. The cruel king immediately chopped off their heads and went on to eliminate the entire forest. When the Axes come forward to eliminate the Pachaiyappa’s college trees, the students of this college will come forward and embrace all the trees saying, “Oh trees, we save you because you have been saving us”.

4. Creating a new forest, as quicker
Barring the playgrounds, wherever it is possible, all the students will make it a point to plant as many trees as possible, throughout the Pachaiyappa”s campus, on a single day.

5. Exhibition of Pachaiyappan History
The students will depict the 169 years of history of Pachaiyappa’s Charities through paintings, pictures and write-ups. One can learn about the rich legacy of the Pachaiyappan History.

6. Chennai Human Chain
A grand human chain involving students of all schools and colleges the Chennai city will be conducted to make an awareness among the public to preserve our places of education.


Please contact: The founder of ExNoRa International, Environmental Expert Dr.M.B.Nirmal (, 98400 34900) and the chairman of association of University teachers, Pachaiyappa’s college unit Dr.V.M.M.R.Andavar (, 94444 51750)

Save the Planet
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